That there no Kings nor their Kingdom that live or exist Forever!!!
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The penmanship of GOD is unequal to Mankind. 
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Equality and Class does not mix.  Because of separation. Class Segregation. First Class, Priority Seating, Middle Class and Third. Well to do. Not so well off. Big and small. Mindful Suggestions Tending Towards_______________________ Discrimination, Envy, and Jealousy.

No waste for words. Thinking listening what's said and heard. How the mind works. Thinking is thought  to listening.
If you don't realize incorrect. All is wrong.
The truth is our sight. Mentally in our eyes.
When it comes to a bowl of soup, sharing imply equality. Not so by priority. Where's the big "I". The "you" is small. Important as yourself the "same". Wisdom has an attachment. Amongst those who are wise. When they have some authority over others, they don't want to be questioned in their wrong. Weak. Your mind is superior so remember (add on) what you got. Life must come from the truth.  Theoretically Time.  As motion (activities) passes along iniciate contact (fulfillment).